Elite Edge Consulting Services
Elite Edge Consulting Services

Our Vision

At Elite Edge LLC, we value relationships, not just clients!

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Our Mission

Unleash the Power of Cloud-Based Technologies with Elite Edge LLC!

Implement, Maintain, and Advance Your Enterprise Resource and Talent Acquisition Software with Confidence.

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Our Values

At Elite Edge LLC, our core values revolve around putting Employees, Families, and Clients FIRST!

Our Strategy

Elite Edge LLC: Transforming Through Technology, Recruitment, and HR Expertise

Our strategy: Leverage technology, recruitment, and HR knowledge to automate systems, enhance the client/employee experience, and improve processes. 

We work with you to evaluate needs, capabilities, and budget, while ensuring compliance with included tools. Join us for a transformative journey. 

Our Strength

Experience as End-Users: Our Competitive Edge!

Elite Edge LLC thrives on our extensive experience as end-users. We understand the frustration of dealing with systems that lack consideration for the end user's perspective.

20+ Years of Diverse Expertise

Our team brings over 20 years of collective experience in Information Technology, Education, Curriculum and Instruction, and Human Resources. What's more, we have a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst with Organizational Behavior Management Certification onboard.

Forward-Thinking and Relatable

With this unique blend of skills, we are a forward-thinking team that truly listens to our customers. We can relate because we have been in many of the situations you currently face. Let us guide you towards innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Trust Elite Edge LLC to be your partner in overcoming challenges, improving user experiences, and achieving your goals. Contact us today and experience the difference our end-user expertise can make!